FM-200 Systems are recommended when one or more of the following conditions exist:

The value of the area’s contents or its importance to business continuity requires a fire suppression system that can react in seconds.
Water sprinklers will damage the contents ofthe area to be protected.
Personnel occupy the area to be protected.
Post fire cleanup must be eliminated.
Ease of design and installation is needed.

After calculating amount of FM-200 gas needed to protect the area, appropriate cylinder is selected. Discharge nozzles are installed in the area that is equipped with cross-zone detection system. Upon activation of smoke detectors, an electrical signal is transmitted from the panel to FM-200 system solenoid valve and all FM-200 is discharged in maximum 10 seconds.


Typical applications:

Computer Rooms & Subfloors
Museums, Art Galleries, Libraries
Process Control Rooms
Telecommunications Facilities
Vaults/Record Storage
Historical Buildings

Design, installation and maintenance of FM-200 systems is performed by our trained and certified technical personnel.