WATER mist systems

Water is the oldest and most widespread fire extinguisher used in fire fighting. Water is a significant extinguisher due to its high cooling capacity and evaporation temperature. Disadvantages of classical water extinguishing systems are that high amount of water is required due to large drops and low cooling surfaces and the material to be extinguished may be negatively effected from water. Water mist applications require much less water compared to classical extinguishing systems with water. 2 m2 protected surface is created with 1 liter water in the sprinkler system however 200 m2 protected surface can be created with 1 liter of water in water mist systems. Water pressurized between 85-200 bar is pulverized by special nozzles and discharged under high speed.
Advantages of water mist extinguishing system:
** Economic extinguisher cost and ability to be tested
** Ecological extinguishing material
** Can be used safely in the environments occupied by humans, does not decrease oxygen level.
** Does not conduct electricity (de-ionized)
** Effective extinguishing of flammable fluids.
** May be implemented in open spaces and locally.
** Absorbs radiant heat transfer and prevents spreading of fire to surrounding premises.
** Dissolves fire by-product toxic gases in water and transforms them into harmless state.

Our suggestions in where to use
** Working environment, offices
** Hotel rooms
** Restaurants and kitchens
** Ovens and cooking systems
** Tunnels
** Archives
** Chemical product storehouses
** for inflammable and combustible fluids
** In all living environments required to be protected from fire